Chapter # 2

October 31, 2008 at 7:01 am (Uncategorized)

When it comes to using digital art as a medium it has been known to be a lot more flexible than just drawing or painting, because once you have done the process for such mediums like painting you can’t undo as easily and when you try to add objects to paintings or drawing it tends to look over crowded or loses the meaning behind it. Now when it comes to the digital are and layering it is allowed and sometimes adds alot to the subject matter, such as collages. Face it digital art gets across alot faster and can be alot more complex when it comes to getting a point across compaired to other mediums. When using digital art as a medium you can expand it beyond any other forms of art when it comes to opening web pages these web pages can go from a simple to complex just depending on how much information you would like to add or even pictures or videos that could be added. There is also alot of hidden codes and information that makes up alot of our digital media, this takes alot of effort and time to make digital art possible for the public eye. Digital art as a medium will continue to be valuable to everyone that uses it and views it on a daily bases, because it does allow information to travel at a much greater speed than other mediums.


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